1 in 4 people are affected by mental health issues every year.

In order to support our own mental health, when life gets difficult, we want to be able to access and learn self-help skills and interventions that will empower and help us to cope. Here at Fretus, we absolutely value the wellness of our own staff and see it as our number 1 priority, after all, healthy happy people support a thriving workplace.

We want to support your organisation in creating an emotionally healthy and thriving environment like ours, so we have developed a number of options for you to explore, ranging from one off training sessions, right through to a full supportive Fretus Consultation and Wellbeing Programme.

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We believe that every company should have an opportunity to create a bespoke ‘policy’ just like us. One that underpins their personal organisational values and visions. In our world, an ‘off the shelf, one size fits all’ approach to wellbeing will only lead to disengaged employees and a roll-out of mediocre training and impersonal incentives.

We have created a simple yet effective process that allows you to explore how your current approach to employee mental health and wellbeing is working out.


Its important to know that you are probably already doing some things great in sustaining the wellbeing of your employees, so we like to start there. Our invitation is to let us sit with you and explore your current approach, the impact on the organisation and the boxes that are yet to be ‘ticked’.

Consultation sessions are done in a relaxed and informal manner, and we like to create a space where you can be open, honest and feel confident to explore new ideas and express current concerns.

Our consultant will help you to cultivate deeper efficiency to your wellbeing strategy, one that reflects the ever-changing needs of your company, the needs and insights of your staff and the and the overall vision for your organisation.

Simply contact us to book your initial consultation session or to ask any questions you may have about this process.

Wellbeing Training and Session Offerings

All of the following listed training subjects and workshops can be included as part of your wellbeing package or delivered as stand-alone sessions.

MINDFULNESS is one of these wonderful interventions that everyone can practice, and it’s not rocket science. Bringing a little Mindfulness into our day to day life can help us to:

  • Feel more in control of our thoughts.
  • Increase resilience when faced with difficulties.
  • Increase motivation and improve relationships in the workplace.
  • Increase physical relaxation, reduce tension, and manage physical ailments.
  • Increase, confidence, self-worth, compassion, and self-kindness.
  • Improve our overall outlook on life by improving mental wellness.

At FRETUS, Mindfulness sits at the heart of all that we do, and we are passionate when asked to share this with organisations like yours – Its great to sit back and watch company’s thrive as a result of the training and workshops that we have delivered on this subject.

Mindfulness Training & Sessions:

  • An Introduction to Mindfulness
  • 6/8 week Mindfulness Course
  • Creating a Mindful Workplace
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Managing Pain and Physical Conditions
  • Managing Weight Loss


Here at Fretus we are proud to have our own course creators who are able to personally create and write Wellbeing and Mental Health training, upskilling and awareness sessions to fulfil your company’s personal requirements.

  • Mental Health Awareness Training – Line managers/staff
  • Creating a Stigma Free Environment – Mental Health Its OK not to be OK
  • Sleep Toolbox – Effective Tools & Tips for healthy sleep and rest
  • Menopause Awareness – Creating awareness, Support and Overcoming Stigma
  • The Chimp Paradox – Dealing with Unhelpful Thoughts and Worry
  • Digital Detox – Creating Mind Space in a Digital World
  • Managing Weight and Weight Loss


  • Online access to Relaxation in Education – Mental Wellbeing Program for families and children
  • Educational workshops for Parents, Teachers & Carers – Mindfulness & Emotional Wellbeing Support


Decision making


Strength of teams and leaders,

Superior creativity and innovation

Improved engagement

Greater resilience and positive wellbeing

‘I brought Russell in to train myself and a number of colleagues as mindfulness coaches, in order to support our developing wellbeing provision. The course was insightful, well delivered and provided quality learning materials. The mindfulness course has not only developed the knowledge of those who attended to a point where they can now support others within our organisation but has also had a profound impact on their own lives and how they respond to situations. Our employees are already starting to benefit from mindfulness being available in the workplace and we can already see a positive culture around the practice beginning to emerge, with mindfulness practice being one element that supports our Time To Change pledge. I am extremely grateful for the work Russell has done with me and my mindfulness team and would not hesitate to continue working with him in the future’.

Halton Borough Council

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